Fishtek Marine is a unique conservation engineering company which draws together a valuable combination of award-winning engineers and fisheries scientists. This talented team focuses its expertise and energy on developing and distributing a range of innovative technical devices which are proven to minimise bycatch in commercial fisheries. Working across a range of taxa, the success of the team over the past 5 years has positioned Fishtek Marine as global leaders in bycatch prevention.

The Kibel brothers, Pete (a fisheries biologist) and Ben (an engineer), initially wanted to use their understanding of behavioural ecology and engineering to develop technological solutions to tackle the significant issue of marine bycatch. In 1999, they began working on ideas that formed the basis of Fishtek Marine’s product range to date. The number of tried-and-tested products continues to grow, and since the incorporation of the company in 2017 our devices have been sold to a range of happy customers all over the world.

Trials using Fishtek Marine devices contribute to the emerging independent evidence base, which is showing that smart fishing, using dedicated technology, is effective at minimising marine bycatch, supporting more sustainable fishing, and helping safeguard some of the world’s critically endangered species.

Fishtek Marine has established a reputation globally as a team of reliable and effective problem solvers. Putting fishermen at the centre of all product development means that our products are finely tuned to work for both fisherman and the environment, ensuring high adoption rates and a strong reputation within fishing industries around the globe.

Alongside a number of established product lines, the team is also working to develop further bespoke bycatch solutions for specific fisheries. Can we help you with a bycatch issue in your fishery? Get in touch

Fishtek Marine work both nationally and internationally and enjoy partnering with a wide range of research partners from the fishing industry, academia, NGOs, and fisheries managers to maximise the potential impact of advances in this sector. Find out more on our Collaboration page.