Cetacean depredation (gillnets and longlines)

Dolphin-fishery interactions are a growing problem and a source of concern for several cetacean species, whose survival is threatened by the risk of capture, injuries sustained and behavioural/biological changes. Depredation, the damage or removal of captured fish from fishing gear by cetaceans, is a worldwide issue primairily affecting longline and gillnet fisheries. Depredation also has negative impacts on the economic profitability of fisherman, resulting in net damage, reduction in the value of the catch due to mutilation or removal of fish from nets, and decreased total amount of fish caught.

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Purse seine

Pots & Traps

Offshore drilling

Evidence Base


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Chiara et al., 2021

40 kHz ADD


40 kHz ADD

100% reduction in dolphin depredation

86% reduction in dolphin depredation

Bottlenose dolphin & Striped dolphin

Bottlenose dolphin & Striped dolphin



Trammel net