At Fishtek Marine we pride ourselves on developing devices that work for fisherman and the environment. With the end consumer always in mind we develop and manufacture innovative products that increase the sustainability of the seafood supply chain. We are driven to work with fishermen to help them to safeguard their industry, provide for their families, and ensure that the ancient tradition of harvesting fishing from the natural environment can continue in the most sustainable way possible.  Our goal is to provide all players in the seafood supply chain with robust, fit for purpose products that can ensure that they are getting the best quality produce with the least environmental impact direct to their consumers. 

With policy being the primary driver for the adoption of our products we maintain a strong focus on policy developments with our work directly supporting the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:


We understand that European corporations are incentivised to report strong Environment, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) under the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulations with the ‘sustainable use and protection of water and marine resources’, a mandatory indicator of the Environmental Objective which states that corporations must contribute to the Good Environmental Status (GES) of European marine waters. Through the adoption of our devices fishing organisations and retailers can ensure that they achieve a high ESG score and provides an opportunity for seafood procurement to be from low impact, sustainable fisheries.

Using a collaborative approach for the development of every product the team at Fishtek Marine are centrally placed in fishing sector to liaise with stakeholders internationally across the entire industry, find out more on our Collaboration page.  


We focus on the tackling the following environmental issues (click on the image to find out more)

Sea turtles, cetaceans, seabirds, sharks and other fish species, are unintentionally caught (bycaught) by the fishing industry in their millions every year. Many marine species are vulnerable to over exploitation and are slow to recover from large population declines caused by bycatch. To date, fisheries bycatch has been the cause for a number of species going extinct. Reducing bycatch of these iconic animals is imperative. The bycatch problem persists and unfortunately the threat of future extinctions is a question of when and not if. Here at Fishtek Marine, we offer a range of solutions, across multiple gear types that are designed for fishermen to help reduce the impact of fishing on the natural environment.

FISHTEK MARINE Solutions Matrix