Improving Catch Efficiency (pots and traps)

When catch rates are low, time spent at sea and gear deployment increases resulting in the profitability of the trip decreasing. Fishers using pots and traps targeting crustaceans (in particular snow crab) are finding that their catch efficiency increases. These findings are supported by the science with studies showing an increased catch rate of 77% in snow crab catches when using light in their pots. Increased catch rates in a quota limited fishery ultimately means that the  gear is deployed for less time. This presents novel conservation opportunity in fisheries where whale entanglement is problematic.  That is, if catch rates in a quota limited pot and trap fishery increase by 50%, then the gear is in the water for less time, reducing the potential for cetacean entanglements incidents accordingly by 50%.

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Purse seine

Pots & Traps

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Evidence Base


LED Used



Gear Type

Nguyen et al., 2017

Constant white

77% increase

Snow crab

Pots & Traps

Bryhn et al., 2014

Constant green

80% – 108% increase

Atlantic cod

Pots & Traps