Low cost net illumination LED light designed to prevent bycatch of turtles and cetaceans in set net fisheries

Banana Pingers

Acoustic devices designed to reduce bycatch by alerting cetaceans to the presence of fishing gear.


Advanced deep drop fishing light in a range of colours to increase catches of pot and trap caught species

Anti-depredation Pinger

Acoustic dissuasive device designed to scare dolphin from poaching fish and to reduce gear damage.


Low cost, robust and long-lasting LED light designed to replace chemical light sticks forever.


Hook encapsulating device cleverly designed to prevent seabird bycatch in longline fisheries.

Lumo Lead

Luminescent weight designed to reduce seabird bycatch and improve crew safety in pelagic longline fisheries.

shark guard


An electric pulsed device mitigates shark bycatch in longline fisheries by deterring sharks from fishing hooks