Ben Sullivan


Ben Sullivan is based in Hobart, Tasmania and heads-up Fishtek Marine Pacific (FTMP), with a focus on servicing the fishing industry in Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands. Ben starting working part time with Fishtek Marine over a decade ago and in 2019 set up the FTMP office and started working as a full time consultant to Fishtek Marine. He has 20 years’ experience working with fishermen to develop innovative solutions, and achieve uptake of technology to reduce fisheries bycatch.

During this time he has gained experience in a wide range of fishing operations having spent significant time at-sea on a range of vessel and gear types (e.g. trawlers, longliners, jiggers) in and around the South Atlantic (Falkands/Malvinas), South American and Australian waters.

Ben undergoes regular trips around the region to meet fishermen at industry events and in-port visits to chat, listen and market Fishtek products’. If you operate in his region please contact him for enquires or orders for any Fishtek products, he guarantees a fast turn-around on quotes and general enquiries.

Contact Fishtek Marine Pacific:

Tel: +61 (0) 4185 18080