Porpoise deterrent pinger (10kHz)


Porpoise deterrent pinger (10kHz)

For use globally

For use in gill net, purse seine and pot fisheries. Appropriate globally – compliant with European legislation: EC 812/2004. Compliant with NMFS Harbour Porpoise Take & Pacific Offshore Cetacean Take Reduction Plan

Frequency – 10kHz with harmonics
Dimensions – 185mm x 52mm x 42mm
Weight (no battery) – 158 grams
Weight (with battery) – 229 grams
In-water weight – 37 grams
Depth rating – 1000 m
Attachment – Dual point for attachment directly to net ropes
Battery Type – Alkaline C cell (LR14)
Battery level indicator – Advanced LED indicator
Immersion Switch – Advanced, automatic capacitive switch
Drive Circuit & sound Production – Efficient drive circuit and sound producing transducer
External carrier – Durable, TPE co-polymer rubber
Inner housing – Tough, injection moulded polycarbonate
Pinger spacing – Space the pinger every 100m, sound level 132dB +/- 3dB @ 1m

Battery life –  12 months with average use (50% immersion time)

Compliance: Compliant with European legislation: EC 812/2004, NMFS Harbour Porpoise Take Reduction Plan & Pacific Offshore Cetacean Take Reduction Plan

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