LED lights used for catching fish (primarily swordfish) are not a new idea.

LED lights have been around for over a decade yet uptake in commercial fisheries still remains poor and fishers targeting swordfish (Xiphias gladius) continue to favour chemical light sticks over LED alternatives.


Expensive for fishermen

They are expensive for fishermen. Costing approximately $0.25 (€0.23, ¥27) each, chemical light sticks are an expensive yet necessary disposable outlay for swordfish fishermen globally with lighting costs comprising approximately 10% of trip expenses.

Damaging to the environment

They are environmentally damaging. Fishtek estimate that 700 million chemical light sticks weighing 7,000 tonnes are discarded into our oceans every year.

They wash up onto our beaches as litter and are fatefully mistaken as food items by marine wildlife such as sea turtles.

To date, LED alternatives have not been able to replace the costly and environmentally damaging chemical light sticks as they have not been effectively designed and manufactured at a price that make them a credible alternative


Chemical light sticks now no longer need to exist.

Fishtek Marine have solved the problem by working backwards. In order to create a credible alternative to chemical light sticks we knew we had to create a product that was incredibly cheap to buy, lasted forever, was able to withstand the harsh environments of the fishing industry and not, in any way affect the profitability of the catch.

Fishtek Marine created the ProGlow.

ProGlow is tiny and weighs just 17 grams underwater yet contains two replaceable AAA batteries which produce light equivalent in strength to a chemical light stick for a phenomenal duration of 5000 hours (approximately 3 years of fishing with 150 sets per year) before the batteries need replacing (based on ProGlow bright model).

ProGlow keeps its battery strength by turning itself off when not fishing. ProGlow is super tough and depth rated to 1000 meters deep.

Fishtek are driven by resolving an environmental problem with ProGlow.

To this end, we want to encourage wholesale uptake of this product globally by selling ProGlow as cheaply as possible and by selling it as close to production cost as physically possible.


There are 2 different ProGlow models (Superbright and Ultrabright) which emit light at 0.21 (3 lightsticks) and 0.7 (10 lightsticks) lumens respectively. The superbright model will last 1 year and ultrabright 4 months in normal fishing operations before the batteries need replacing. All models are available in green, blue, or white light. See model options here.

ProGlow – Ultrabright

  • Battery life  500 hours (4 months fishing) battery life
  • Light intensity  Equivalent to 10 4 inch chemical lightstick (0.7 lumen)
  • Depth rating  1000m
  • Battery Type  2 x replaceable AAA batteries
  • Automatic immersion switch
  • Three line attachment options  Snap, eye or locking collar

ProGlow – Superbright

  • Battery life  1700 hours (1 year’s fishing) battery life
  • Light intensity  Equivalent to three 4 inch chemical lightstick (0.21 lumen)
  • Depth rating  1000m
  • Battery Type  2 x replaceable AAA batteries
  • Automatic immersion switch
  • Three line attachment options  Snap, eye or locking collar


Fishing Light Maintenance Kit

Maintain your Fishtek fishing lights by replacing the O-rings every three years or when needed. O-rings, silicon grease and a cap removal screwdriver included.

ProGlow – Locking Collar

Use the ProGlow with our patented locking collar that clips simply and securely to the line. Suitable for branchline diameter of 1.4-2.5mm Locking collar fitted as standard

ProGlow – Split Ring

Want more versatility? Use the ProGlow with a stainless steel split ring and use your own line attachment methods Snap not included.


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