In 2020 scientists at Fishtek Marine documented for the first time that scallops could be attracted into static fishing gear using LED lights. The results of these findings were published in a scientific paper which was picked up by the media and featured in news outlets around the world. Following the success of this initial study and the exciting opportunity this new method of fishing presents, we have undergone a rigorous product development phase with extensive industry testing allowing us to optimize the trap and light designs resulting in the launch of our newest products the ScallopLight and ScallopEye.

Both the ScallopLight and ScallopEye can be retro-fitted to old frames or added to new ones allowing you to either boost your current catch with scallops or target only scallops. Check out our Scallop Potting Guide for more details.



ScallopLight (pat.pend)

ADVANCED OPTICS – Optimised lens that splays light outwards to attract scallops.

LONG LASTING – 2 month (1,500) hour battery life at constant and optimised brightness before the batteyr needs recharging or replacing

PROVEN DESIGN – Field-tested to cope with the rigours of pot fishing.

EASY TO USE – Auto immersion switch reliably turns the light on when entering the water of off when out.  Fits easily to the inside of the pot using a conventional cable tie, snap, or carabina.



ScallopEye (pat.pend)

DURABLE – UV stabilised polycarbonate construction with high grade 316 stainless steel fixtures.

HIGHLY EFFECTIVE – A tried and tested design that effortlessly catches scallop alongside, crab, lobster and cuttlefish. Catch rates of crab and lobster are equal to a standard creel of the same size.

VERSATILE – The scallop potting system can be used with or without bait. Use baited pots with light to boost your crustacean catch with scallops or remove the bait and simply use the light to catch scallops.

PROVEN DESIGN – Field-tested to cope with the rigours of pot fishing.

Low-impact method of fishing for scallops.

Scalable and easily adapted to current fishing gear.

Boost your crustacean catches with high value scallops!

Cost effective. The Scallop potting system can see a return on investment in just one haul!



  • Battery life1500 hours (2 months fishing time)
  • DimensionsLength 173mm | Diameter 60mm
  • Weight (with batteries) 385 grams
  • In-water weight65 grams
  • Depth rating1000 m
  • Battery type1 x replaceable or rechargeable alkaline D-cell
  • Immersion switchAutomatic immersion switch
  • Attachment hole diameter8 mm
  • ScallopLight housingTough, injection moulded UV stabilised polycarbonate
  • Colour optionsA constant white light*
  • *ScallopLight is programable and variations to LED colour/duty cycle/brightness can be requested.


  • Dimensions Height 225mm | Width 468mm | Depth 111mm
  • Interior entrance dimensions Height 120mm | Width 365mm
  • Frame material Tough, injection moulded UV stabilised polycarbonate
  • Wall thickness 5mm
  • Prong material 316 stainless steel | spring steel
  • Prong spacing 40mm
  • Hexagon attachment hole diameter 20mm

New To Scallop Potting?

Find out more about the scallop potting discovery, scallop discos, opportunities and research to date by visiting our development page.


Pinger maintenance kit

ScallopLight Maintenance Kit

Maintain your Fishtek ScallopLight by replacing the O-rings annually or when needed. Includes 20 x O-rings (enough to maintain 10 x ScallopLights) and a 14g tub of Super Lube Silicone Grease O-Ring Lubricant.


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